A downloadable font

Pixel 7x15 is a pixel-style true type multilingual font for use in video games and pixel art. 

Active Development (Feedback Please!)

This font is a prototype in active development. Individual characters may be subject to change. New characters will be added over time.

Any feedback on how to improve this font is greatly appreciated! (Please also let me know if you find any mistakes!)

Feedback can be given in any language. Please use full sentence so Google Translate can understand you correctly! 피드백은 한국어라도 괜찮습니다! 日本語でもいいです!


Version 0.001: First Prototype Release! 

See which characters are included here: https://itch.io/t/3414523/currently-supported-characters


Next steps are to add the following Unicode Blocks. There is currently no timeline for this. If you have any requests, please post them in the request post in the forum.

- CJK Unified Ideographs (A portion at a time, based on character frequency)
- Devanagari
- Thai


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). You can use this font in both personal and commercial products, and also make modifications as long as you attribute Douglas Vautour (Burpy Fresh). Please let us know if you decide to use this font in your project! We'd love to see it! Please post screenshots in the comments!

*This font will always be free, but I may ask for donations in the future. At that point, if you have found this font useful, please feel free to donate. :) 

Recommended Attribution

"Pixel 7x15 Mono Rounded Font" by  Douglas Vautour (Burpy Fresh) is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.


PixelSevenFifteenMonoRounded-Regular.ttf V0.001 778 kB

Install instructions


Use as any other TTF file. 

Windows - Double click on the file to open the font viewer. Click on the Install button to Install font. You may need to restart any programs you were using.

Mac - Drag font file into the ~/Fonts folder.

Unity Usage Notes

Working with GPOS for Kerning, Mark Placement & Glyph Substitution

The current production version of TextMesh Pro does not have support for GPOS tables. Accessing GPOS tables on import requires a 3.2.0-pre.X (not 4.x) preview version. Information about installing a preview version of TextMesh Pro can be found here.

As this is a monospace font, other versions of TextMesh pro will likely be fine for most cases, but custom accented characters may not display correctly. 

Accurately Representing a Pixel Font

In the Font Asset Creator in TextMeshPro, using a Sample Size (Point Size) of 20, padding to 1px, setting Render Mode to RASTER, and turning on "Get Font Features" will give the best results. 

Using the entire font will require a large mesh size (2048 x 2048 or higher), and will take hours to process on "Optimum" settings. 

After creating the Font Asset, tap the arrow on its icon to expand, go to the Atlas , and set the filter mode to "Point". this will stop any rounding that may have been present.

Arabic Support

This font has support for modern Arabic, but Unity and TextMesh Pro currently don't. According to the Unity Forums. there are plugins available, but I haven't tested them yet. If I find a working solution I'll post it here.

Development log