A downloadable font

A slab-serif font with off-centered counters. 


Version 0.002

Basic Latin (All)
Latin-1 Supplement (All)
Latin Extended-A (All)
Combining Diacritical Marks: grave, acute, circumflex, tilde, macron, dot accent, dieresis, ring, caron, cedilla
General Punctuation: –—‘’‚“”„•…‹›⁄ 
Currency Symbols: €
Letterlike Symbols: №™
Mathematical Operators: ∕∙
Alphabetic Presentation Forms: fifl


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). You can use this font in both personal and commercial products, and also make modifications as long as you attribute Douglas Vautour (Burpy Fresh). Please let us know if you decide to use this font in your project! We'd love to see it!

Recommended Attribution

"Offkiltered Font" by  Douglas Vautour (Burpy Fresh) is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

Unity Usage Notes

Working with GPOS for Kerning, Mark Placement & Glyph Substitution

The current production version of TextMesh Pro does not have support for GPOS tables. Accessing GPOS tables on import requires a 3.2.0-pre.X (not 4.x) preview version with "Get Kerning Pairs" checked during font asset creation.

Information about installing a preview version of TextMesh Pro can be found here.

Accurately Representing Fine Details

TextMesh Pro tends to blur out finer details upon font asset creation. Using a very high atlas resolution is recommended if possible. You may also need to experiment with the SDF rendered modes. 


Offkiltered-Regular.ttf 54 kB