A downloadable game for macOS

Controller Clash is Almost Fun (TM)!

This is a beta build (0.1 (14) ) to have something to show the lovely people at BitSummit 5. If you're coming from BitSummit, good for you, and please believe me that I can do much better than this! Eventually!

Controller Clash is the first (and hopefully not only) game from Burpy Fresh, the people who've brought you nothing else other than a moderately funny indie game review site (burpyfresh.com)! You play as one of the four (mostly!) stationary controller buttons in a battle to the finish! Hit your own button to defend, and an opponent's button to strike! But be careful, you can only perform one main action at a time (and that includes attacking and defending)!

Tap the D-pad once before firing/defending and see what happens!

Use L1 and R1 to shimmy away from or towards your enemies!


Rich hastily made single track audio OST, available for download on nothing.

Four player multiplayer on Mac (soon on Windows and Linux... when I can test them)

Supports PS2 (with GamePad Companion) and PS4 controllers, though PS4 is not tested yet.

Localized into Japanese and Korean for some reason!


Make it actually fun

SFX Volume (Doesn't work at the moment)

Make both instruction menus behave intuitively (Had to change one last minute)

Support for more controllers. (And more controller button types!)

Make the download much smaller.

Polish, polish polish.

Constructive feedback highly appreciated. All mocking should be clever and witty, to soothe the pain.

It's Almost Fun (TM)!

Install instructions

It works like any other Mac app, but only fullscreen and only in 1440x900 resolution.

For PS2 controllers, I suggest downloading GamePadCompanion from the app store or something to get the D-pad to work properly. D-pad buttons are mapped to the following keys (Up, Right, Down, Left)

Player1 - w, d, s, a

Player 2 - i, l, k, j

Player 3 - g, b, v, c

Player 4 - up arrow, right arrow, down arrow, left arrow


ControllerClashV0.1(14) (30 MB)