A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Finally! The Chess Death Match no one was waiting for!

Chess and Battle combines! Watch wooden pieces fumble around lifelessly in a battle to the death!(?) 



I'm putting this build up here for Chess Jam. Every aspect of the game needs to be overhauled before continuing, art (that makes the pieces stand out), music (that's mixed and loops better), UI, and every segment of programming. In short, nothing is for the production version. 

Let's call it a proof of concept that's getting closer to a game every time we work on it. :) It's almost fun (TM)! Try it out!

MISSING: Control Mapper, Indication of who's turn it is, Battle Completion Animation, Castling and En Passant (I need program them in), statistics, and a lot more.

CONTROLS (Keyboard):

BLACK:                                                         WHITE:

Board                                                             Board

  WASD - move cursor                            IJKL - move cursor

  E - select/deselect                                 O - select/deselect

 TAB  - pause                                                ENTER - pause


  QWEASD - figure it out.                    UIOJKL - figure it out.

CONTROLS (Controller)


Dpad- Move cursor

A (Bottom Button) - select/deselect piece


L2/R2 - Head Attack/Defend (depending on location of enemy)

L1/L2  - Foot Attack/Defend (ditto)

Y (Top Button) - Jump

A (Bottom Button) - Straighten Out

Menu - Pause


- Everything fixed and working properly.

- Chessboard environment and matching pieces.


Chethmatch0.5.app.zip 33 MB
Chethmatch0-5.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

It should work on Mac and Windows as normal. Download and click. If it doesn't work, please let me know. (We're still working out a lot of bugs)